9/11 Never Forget! 

Today was the day we remembered the events of 15 years ago. Wow! And to think, this will be the first 9th grade class that learned of the World Trade Center disaster as a historic event that took place while they were alive. 

Ever since that day we have lived by a motto here in the United States Of America, ‘Never Forget’. What I find so odd is this was NOT the first attack from a foreign entity on American soil. This was NOT the first bombing of The Twin Towers. And yet, 9/11/01 is the one we always talk about. 

What about the British Invasion in the 1700’s? What about Pearl Harbor in 1941? We shouldn’t forget those pieces of our history either. 

I am not belittling 9/11, its survivors or the precious souls that were taken from us on that day and the war that has followed. Honor them, cherish them. But they are not the only victims of senseless violence on American soil!! 

We really need to start digging into our history and really learning the truth of it before the truth is gone and all that remains is a made-up tale. 


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