Things Eventually Work Out!! 

It is amazing!! I enjoy some parts of my job at Wal Mart I love when I help people. I love when people know they can count on me to get it done, or they come to me for guidance and prayer. You’d be amazed how often this happens in my life. 

I have been following The Sandbox Writing Challenge, and today they asked the question When was the last time not getting what you wanted, or having something work out the way you wanted turned out to be a stroke of luck? 

I am living in this right now. I entered the world of Wal Mart with a college degree that I received with a GPA higher than 3.0. Yeah, when I put my mind to it I get stuff done and I get it done right! So, I have always been trying to move up the chain at Wal Mart. In five and a half years, not only have I been overlooked for any advancement, I have lost opportunities to people who have only been with the company a few months, or half my time, or my personal favorite, people who just come in off the street!! 

I used to be one of those who said, ‘It is because I am in a wheelchair. I probably can’t do all the requirements anyway. I am meant to stay right where I am.’ Or, ‘They are overlooking me because of the wheelchair with no clue of my real qualifications.’

Then the light happened. I took a job at the town library. It looked really promising that I would be able to make a career out of that move. Then one day I stopped being placed in the schedule. It happened in such a manor I didn’t even think of it at first. Then weeks went by. Then months. Two months later, my fault, I know, I called to find out what happened. The response I got was, ‘It’s been two months! I figured you didn’t want to work here anymore.’ Okay, my fault, I lost that opportunity. 

Then, I started working at the local theater. All the while, I have still been working my part-time hours at Wal Mart. I have worked at the theater a total of six nights over the past couple months and I found out last week they don’t require my assistance any longer because it is now the slow season in our little town. Opportunity, bye-bye. 

But, back in August I spoke to a local sound-system expert, mobile D.J. company called D.J. Systems, if you need sound production, or music for your event, no matter how big or small, we can do it! And this is where everything has stuck back together! 

I have done this work a couple other times but I have been released because no one wants to be a set up crew and sit by while I D.J. the show. Understandable! Luckily, I am married to a woman who is good at building up a crowd. She and I, along with my best male friend, will be taking on some shows and make things happen! 

Everything comes together eventually, my friends! I am where I belong. And for the record, I will be staying with Walmart through this adventure in the role I play there now. 

6 thoughts on “Things Eventually Work Out!! 

  1. Boy, you and my son Brandon could sure commiserate! He’s got two degrees: psychology and criminal justice forensics and he’s working part time at Bed Bath & Beyond. I sure hope this new venture works out great for you guys. Keep us posted!!!

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