Imagine Having Alzheimer’s 

Imagine waking up every day in another time of your life. Imagine thinking it is a decade, or two, or even five decades ago. Imagine being married to someone and not remembering their name. Imagine not being able to leave the house alone because you won’t be able to return, even twenty minutes later. Imagine you wanted to go somewhere, but you ended up somewhere else completely and could never return to where you began because you can’t recall where that is. 

Imagine your body forgetting how to function. Imagine the daily processes we all take for granted being so far out of whack that they may become troublesome, or God forbid, even terrifying! Just imagine it. 

Now imagine that there are thousands of people who live this nightmare every single day. Imagine being so perplexed at people who were once loved ones. Imagine the loved ones who watch their family member slip further and further away, until one day, they’re gone. That’s Alzheimer’s. Here is the most perplexing part, we still don’t have a cure! Once a person has it, they are trapped in a box that will continually get smaller and smaller every single day, until they forget how to breathe, their heart forgets how to beat, and they die. That is NOT RIGHT FOR ANY HUMAN BEING! 

But a cure is being worked on. A change for all humanity is being sought after. I know, I know, in a perfect world this would just happen without needing our help, but it doesn’t. The cure needs YOU! And this post right here, this post is YOUR CHANCE! 

Are you seriously going to look me, my family, my friends, or even your own family and friends and say, ‘Yeah, I read Rolling Blogger’s post. I just read it and moved on with life. I could give up a cup of coffee or two and give that money, but I didn’t. Yeah, I read it and I moved on, cause, hey man, what can I do?’ 

You spend $6 a day on coffee, take just one day’s expense and donate it, and you have helped find a cure! I’m not asking for the world. But I am asking that you dig just a tiny little bit and change the world for one person. Every donation counts. Below is the link to my personal site I am raising money to find a cure and walk in Willmar, Minnesota on October 1st for my father-in-law.
Simply please, take a few minutes, go to my site. Read my story. My father-in-law has Alzheimer’s and is now in the end stages. He still knows who his daughter, my wife, is. But, we don’t know how many more days he will be able to remember his little girl. This has affected us so deeply!! 

All I am trying to do within the next few weeks is my part. We are walking/rolling on October 1st at Robbins Island in Willmar. And we need YOUR HELP. Every donation counts. For the love of all humanity, we all deserve to remember. Please go to my site and donate what you can. Any dollar amount helps. Are you willing to put aside one or two days of your morning coffee to help someone who is suffering (and yes, they do suffer) from Alzheimer’s? 

Go to And take a look around my site. You can see where the money goes. You can see how your generosity will help. It will help. Please donate and share this post around the world today. I can receive donations from anyone, anywhere at any time before October 1st. Donate today. All it will take is your computer and a heart. 

We all deserve to remember when our tomorrow’s turn into yesterday’s and we all deserve to see as many tomorrow’s as we can. We can’t do this alone go to now and help however you can. Thank You for your support. 


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