Work It Out Together. 

Somewhere in the world, someone is going through a divorce. Right now, as I type these words, someone is deciding, ‘Should I stay or walk away?’ My friends, the only way, THE ONLY WAY a marriage works is to work it out TOGETHER! 

There is no trial period. There is no get out of it because it’s not making me happy. There’s no I’m gonna trade up in a few years. What people fail to realize is marriage is not just a piece of paper. Marriage is not just a contract. It’s a covenant. 

Well, what’s the difference you may be asking. I looked on and found the perfect visual representation for those who need to see things. 

I found this on and it is originally posted on go check out this person’s blog if you agree. Like I said, marriage is something that is only worked out together. Period. Without your spouse, you don’t have a marriage or partnership. 


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