Can Passion Lead To Peace?

I once again did not have a concrete, paved direction in which to go with today’s Daily Post Word Passion. So, I set my course to the internet. I searched for Passion Quotes. And I found one underlying quality among every single quote I found about passion– selfish! 

Seek out your passion! Go get what makes you happy! Be passionate!! Here’s the problem, friends, murder makes some people happy!! Taking advantage of others makes some people happy!! 

Last night in New York City there was some news about a bombing. Unfortunately, I have not heard much more on the subject other than there was one, possibly two bombs in certain neighborhoods. I don’t know if only one exploded, I don’t know how many people were injured. I just know SOMEONE had a passion for explosions and caused at least one to happen. I don’t know the motive, like I said, I know nothing other than what I have read online about it. This person had a passion for mayhem. 

Passion is not always good!! As a matter of fact, if it causes harm, or the unwilling participation of another human being IT IS NOT A HEALTHY PASSION!! 

Here in Minnesota, there was a stabbing incident at a small town mall. Saint Cloud, Minnesota a man, apparently dressed in black, went through a mall STABBING people and yelling ‘Allah! Allah!! Allah!’ Once again, he had passion for his ideals. But those ideals and his passion injured the lives of others!! 

The more I look into passion, the more I hate it! Passion seeks out our own motives and conclusions. That is not how life works. It won’t always work out for us the way we want it to. And we can’t force a direction or path either. 

I guess, to say I HATE passion is a wrong choice of words. Can passion lead us to helping others? I would love to hear stories of a passion for human beings. I would love to hear stories of a passion that lead to selflessness and passion for someone else that lead to edification of another. So far in my research, I have seen seek your passion! Go get what’s yours at the cost of others! My friends, that is not what passion is supposed to be! 

Think about the passion God has for each and every one of us. That is a passion worth going after. He is so passionate about us that He sent His Only Son, Jesus Christ, to take the punishment we all deserve. But He sent Him, because He knew He already won! God does not send losing battles. Satan does that. When we focus on Satan instead of The Cross Of Christ, we will always lose. Jesus has won the war! It’s over! 

I would love to see a selfless passion fill the world. Is that possible? Is it possible for every person on Earth to seek out Love and Peace and be passionate about others? Or will we always have to deal with events like last night, where passion has lead to destruction? 


3 thoughts on “Can Passion Lead To Peace?

  1. I love this piece. Such a different perspective on passion and you’re right we all have passions and some are, unfortunately, very harmful. I think in this world there will always be roots of unhealthy passions that will continue to grow, but…there are also many beautiful passions and I hope we will begin to feel and see those more. Im grateful for your passion you write this post and many others :))

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