No Matter What You Call It. 

Hike is defined as A long walk, especially in the country or woods. Now, if you have read my blog for a long while, or even a short while, you already know I am not one to jump on the Poor Me Train. But seriously, this definition states that people in wheelchairs can never go on a hike. Yeah, dictionary people, screw you! 

The world is not wheelchair accessible, it’s just not. And to state that something can only be done in an inaccessible state just makes me prove you wrong. I have rolled along The North Shore of Lake Superior. I have travelled the trails of many state parks. I have hiked along many paths in The Rocky Mountains even, and Montana. So, yeah. Does this mean I have never hiked? Weird deep thoughts and I am sure my editor will have a hay day with this one, as she knows me as well as I know myself some days! 


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