In The Style Of… 

In the world of karaoke we often have singers who try to sing in the style of… Whatever band or song they are performing. There are some awesome karaoke singers out there, trust me, I know them! And there are some that make you wonder if it is the ‘liquid courage’ giving them that style, or are they just that out of tune. It happens. But each has their own style. 

And it is very rare, totally rare, that a person’s style of singing matches the original exactly. I have heard a few come close, but nothing beats the original. 

The same is true for you. Don’t spend your time trying to copy someone else. You are an original. Be that! The world needs your original. You are you for a purpose and it could take every day of your life to find that purpose. Your purpose could change from day to day. 

Bring it back into style to hit your knees every morning and ask God to bring His purpose into your life that day. You could be amazed at the people who will come in and the different styles they possess. He’s got the whole world in His Hands and He is the sculptor and we are the clay. Let Him create our style and we will see some great positive changes in the world. You were His original creation. Made with His style. So be that today and seek Him first. 


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