Last night was a weird, off night for me!! Went to bed late, as usual. I had some sort of allergic reaction to something, I still don’t know what, going on. And started off with a bad dream which caused my wife’s caring instincts to kick in and she started stroking my arm saying, ‘sssshhhhhh…. Ssshhhhhh….’ in a calming manor until I calmed down. 

So, the allergic reaction did not seem to being going away on its own, so I got up and took Benadryl. I am not a spring chicken anymore, friends. Benadryl makes me feel like I had a bad party last night and I don’t remember the fun! 

And yet, this morning I am up and alert. Ready to begin the day! Thank You, Jesus for seeing me through another night. And what better way to begin the day than to JUMP at it!!! Might as well, Jump! JUMP!! 


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