A Generous World. 

We don’t seem to see a lot of Generous actions in today’s world. There have been many honorable mentions I have seen in the world, and yet, we can’t seem to get every single human being on board with being generous. 

My wife and I have spent months trying to raise money for Alzheimer’s Association. They even have a break down of how the money will be used. Yes, it is true not every dollar goes to finding a cure. The reason for that is because it takes a human being to find the cure. It won’t just magically appear in a petrie dish!! 

But there have been many opportunities people have taken to show their generosity. As most of you know, my paying job at the moment is Walmart and our store has been raising money for The Children’s Miracle Network and the funds from our donations go to Gillette Children’s Hospital here in Minnesota. There has been a lot of people who don’t wish to donate, but there has been a lot of generous people too! 

Genrosity is a heart issue. Step out in faith today and plant some seeds of generosity. You never know what fruit will grow until you have the faith to plant the seeds. Opportunities to help anyone and everyone around you are all over the place!! 

Even today I experienced generosity through a phone call! My sister called me today just to say hi. You may not think that is a generous act. But, with schedules being as busy as they are, finding the time to simply connect with a loved one even in a five minute phone conversation is an act of generosity. Can you take five minutes today and reach out to someone? 

Maybe your act of generosity will be to buy someone a meal, or a tank of gas. I hope that after reading this post you will feel the drive to be generous to the world today. And it is only limited by your imagination and scope you want to reach. I am being generous by writing this post and hopefully through it more acts of generosity will transpire. Make today awesome, my friends, and I.M.P.A.C.T. your friends, neighbors or the world today.


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