The American Dilemma. 

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Two candidates, polar opposites. Or, are they really? Can America win over the next four years, or have we begun our fall into historical obscurity? 

Black or white? Cops or perpetrator? Christian or Non-Christian? Male or Female? Poor people or Rich people? Have or have-nots? Country or city? Apartment or house? Rent or own? These are dilemmas we face. 

And we forget about the most important dilemma, live or die? We allow millions of people to die every single day. That should not only not be a dilemma, it should be called an epidemic!! How do we solve murder? How do we solve addiction? How do we solve depression? How do we solve cancer? How do we solve a broken heart? How do we solve a broken world?! These are dilemmas no one seems concerned about. Why? Because they don’t create any money!! 

Greed! There is a dilemma we need to solve! I admit, as a D.J. I am guilty of it! ‘Your request would get played a lot faster with a $10 bill in my hand!’ Yes, sadly, I used this trick. It didn’t work, but I used it. 

Is it possible to fix all dilemmas, or are we cursed in a fallen world where dilemmas that plague humanity will always exist? What makes a great nation? I originally blamed The U.S. in this post, but is it just one country, or is it the world to blame? Only when all human beings see our fellow man as beings worthy of life and all they need will we see dilemmas stop! Can we begin that trail today? Who wants to begin the blaze? Can you? What can you do today to stop all dilemmas in your world? Think and pray on these things today. 

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