I feel The Holy Spirit leading me to a technological hiatus. No Facebook, No Blog, No News. We live in a sad, depressed world. And I just see new evidence every day that we are going in the wrong direction. 

But, no blog??! I am a writer and this is my forum!! If I don’t write every day, what will I do? Am I in love with the writing, or am I in love with the numbers of my writing? 

We create followers. We create our own attention through Facebook and our blogs. Today I witnessed someone going through the dilemma of loss. They didn’t agree with the findings of how it occurred, so there had to be another answer. I fear they are going after an answer they will never find. 

And all these things we seek after in this life, readers, news, friendships online, answers to questions that don’t exist, or answers that we think should fit a mold; are they safe? Are they the right things to seek? Are they not, in fact, creating more dilemmas? 

I long for peace and understanding in our world, and right now we do not have it! That is a dilemma we all should get behind and push over a cliff to solve!! 


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