God’s Not Through With Me Yet!! 

We are unfinished creatures in learning more about Our Heavenly Father, aren’t we? Some would say we are all a work in progress. 

Today I confessed to my editor that I don’t feel like a work in progress, I am going backward. My tank for Grace and Compassion today is empty! We here in the United States are on the verge of a new President. And I read this morning that 73% of all the people in our country feel it will fail either way. Talk about unfinished!! We need to learn faith. We need to learn love. We need to learn compassion. And these things are not gained through birth. It is not our birthright to be a decent person. 

So, we say ‘God’s not through with me yet.’ Here’s the problem. I see that as an excuse to keep regurgitating bad behaviors, habits and opinions. It does nothing but causes us to become stuck. It takes away accountability and that creates a whole lot of unfinished business. 

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