We live in a world full of people. Each and every one of these people have had different experiences. Each and every one of these people has looked at life from a perspective that is 100% different than anyone has ever looked at life before. And yet, we throw tantrums when anyone disagrees. 

We are not the center of the universe. Yes, God created human beings as special and we each have our own ways of doing and seeing things. No two will ever be alike. So, why do we all get so bent out of shape when we disagree? I am guilty of it too. We all want everyone else to see the world as we see it and we want our point of view to be the only way things get done. 

My friends, there is only one thing in the universe that has only one way to be achieved. That is the path to Heaven. Jesus said in John 14:6, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one gets to The Father but by Me.’ Now, either that is truth, or everything else Jesus said can be taken as null and void. He is either The Savior, or a fraud. And yet, we all still disagree even on that! 

Human beings will always see the world in different ways. Maybe that was God’s point, so we could learn to relate and communicate with one another to find common ground to get things done. Can we agree on that? 

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