A Clear Night Thought.

There are thankfully not many street lights on my street. We live in the middle of our street and the light pollution is relatively small. 

On nights such as this, I am beyond thankful for that. Most people look to the night sky and it makes them feel insignificant and small. For me? I feel the opposite. God created the heavens and The Earth with one word. Boom! And it was done. I look up at the expanse of stars above me and I think, ‘Wow! He created me too!’  Thoughts, dreams, desires, fears, wants, needs– and in less than 60 years, they won’t count for anything. What am I doing here? 

God created me for a purpose. It is time to lock into it and make a difference. As I look to the sky a shooting star flashes. Here one second and then it’s gone. My chance to help someone could be like that too. So, I better take that chance now. 

I write this to inspire you. You are here for a reason. A purpose has been engrained in your soul. Look up to the night sky and capture it before it fades like a shooting star. 

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