All It Takes Is Asking. 

I was listening to a sermon by Fancis Chan tonight about How To Hear From God. Seriously, if you have a chance, check it out here. 

I am only about 15 minutes into it and he asked the question, what would it look like to be in love? Now, keep in mind, he is in an auditorium of teens. So, their answers ranged from would you die for him, to, ‘is it Facebook official?’

It was this one that got me!! Am I a true Christian. Can someone tell I am a Jesus Freak just by looking at my comments and interactions on Facebook?! Am I rude? Do I laugh at sick jokes? Do I make comments on people’s photos that I would want Jesus reading over my shoulder? Or, am I putting up a facade? Am I showing the real me, or am I putting up an image I want people to see? 

Here’s the truth, my friends. I am not a perfect human being by any stretch. My wife admitted it tonight. I am a messy person and she kept a nice house before I moved in, which we found out was four years ago today! Yay, us!! 

She hasn’t killed me yet, but did I put forth a false person when she fell in love with me? Would she have fallen in love with me if she knew how messy I really am? 

We all put our best foot forward, but what do we do when we fail? Who do we run to? I want you to know tonight that Jesus already knows you. He knows more than you do about you. He knows if you will be here in sixty years. He knows the decisions you will make tomorrow, and next week, and all the way to years from now. He knows it all. It is impossible to put a facade up for Him. So, why do we try with human beings? 

We are all the same. We all have thoughts, desires, feelings, fears. Why do we try to say that we dont? You put something out on Facebook knowing the whole world has access to it, but you never think God will see it. He does. And He loves us as we are and wants us to become the best version of ourselves we can be. He wants to tear down all the facades we put up. No barriers. Will you let Him do that tonight? 

The real Christian knows we are all sinners. The real Christian knows we all fall so incredibly short of perfections and how we should be. But the real Christian also knows that belief in Jesus Christ takes all that away and the facades are gone! We are a clean slate in Jesus Christ!! So, will you ask Him to take away the barriers you put up and have Him help you be the real you He created you to be? All it takes is asking. 

4 thoughts on “All It Takes Is Asking. 

  1. This is so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing! Being real and letting it all out, the mess and the stuff that feels ugly is freeing in a way, although difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to believe God truly loves this messed up girl. That he does is incredible and behind words for me to describe. Thank you for your post!

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