The Light Of A Jack-O-Lantern. 

In The Bible, John 8:12 Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world, if you follow me you won’t walk in darkness.’ If we want to know the way, we need to follow Jesus. Many people don’t want to because they see people who claim to doing things Jesus never would. The Light of the world is dying out because we have lost track of that. 

Today as we celebrate Halloween may we all remember to be as jack-o-lanterns and light the way for others. That was the original purpose of the decoration. It was meant to show the light that is inside of us shining through to ward off evil. Halloween has so many traditions and forces of darkness at work, I want to encourage us all to remember to be a light and not be a stumbling block for another. I am guilty of it too, so I can’t talk. But, we can always return to the cross and receive forgiveness and move forward in His love and become different. 

Daily Post Prompt.

Today’s Daily Post Word is Eerie. I guess they did this because today is Halloween. When it comes to eerie, I got nothin’! No inspiration to draw from. I guess I could speak of the days before I was a Christian and I lived for this day. I could speak of the scary demonic movies, the costume parties some people took too far, like me. 

But, that person is gone. Now, any eerie feeling I get I know is demonic and it is a warrior from Hell trying to steal my joy. Nope! Won’t happen anymore!! Pray over it and the demons must flee!! 

More Than Five Words In The Sandbox. 

Normally by this point of the week I have written four, five, or even some days as many as seven posts per day!!! It is a lot of work, but the number of associations it brings to my blog and influences is mind-boggling!! 

This week has been a whole lot slower. My inspiration has been lacking, so I scrounged around some of my favorite sites for inspiration and from The Sandbox Writing Challenge I found, ‘Describe yourself in five words or less.’ 

Wow!! Talk about a monumental undertaking!! Faithful, Disabled, Very-Abled, Spiritual, Christian are the first five that come to mind. But, that doesn’t even encapsulate funny, entertaining, loving, caring, thoughtful, hard-working, prayerful, studious, intelligent, growing and so many more. 

Why do we always try to compartmentalize everything into our own tidy, little box? I don’t care what color, or size your box is either. We always have to put labels on things so we can demoralize them, don’t we? At least that is how I see it. 

So, instead of asking us to describe ourselves in just a few words we should take the time to engage one another in relationships. People are more than words that can fit into some shiny box. Get out there and engage those around you. And I am not just talking about people who fit into your notions of what is good and true, or right and wrong. Talk to everyone. Help the homeless. Get to know them. Talk to people who have mistreated you so badly that it seems you won’t ever forgive them, and then, forgive them. 

This world is so much bigger than differences and five words, my friends. Let us all experience it as deeply as we can by doing everything we can to relate to one another. 

Breaking it down. 

Life begins at the molecular level. Problems begin at the minute, tiniest of levels. Success, people, companies– all start at the smallest of levels. Through hard work and many steps they grow. 

Steps cannot be skipped. We have become a species that loves to skip the growing pains to become giants in whatever we do. Sorry, folks. It just doesn’t ever work that way. It takes a grind. It takes pain. It takes growing pains. But, if pursued the smallest of things can become the giant miracles we want to see in the world. 

You have heard the story of the man tossing starfish back into the sea. Someone came along and said, ‘There are thousands of starfish on this beach, and many other beaches!! How can you ever expect to make a difference?!’ The man picked up a starfish and tossed it back into the ocean. He said, ‘To that one, I just made a difference.’ 

Start small and you can become a giant in how you want to make a difference, but start today.