Once A Week? 

We now live in a world where Christianity is seen as a threat. It’s seen as a threat to people’s rights. It’s seen as a non-loving, hateful group of people that only mean to point fingers and condemn. And why is that? Because that is what Most Christians do. 

Why do most Christians do that? Well, my pastor covered it in just one sentence this morning. If you profess to be a Christian and don’t know how to love like Christ, because you are only opening your bible here in church one day a week, you have got it wrong. Period. 

Why is true Christianity dying? Because no one is opening their bibles any more except on Sundays. Here is the hard part for me, guilty as charged, your honor. I do it too!! 

How can we claim to know Christ when we don’t feed ourselves daily in his word?! Would you expect a bodybuilder to only work out once a week, or once a month or even one a year and expect to see results??! No!! So, why do we think a relationship with Jeus Christ is any different?! 

We put Jesus on a shelf until Christmas and Easter. Or, we only get to church once a week and we wonder why God is silent?!! REALLY??????!!!!!! APPALLING!!! As of now, I am beginning a new chapter. I have always claimed to know Jesus. But, I don’t!! I open my bible on Sunday. Most Sunday’s, if you ask my wife or my editor, I don’t even open it then. I come in, I listen, I blog about what I have heard as if it is some check mark I now can check off my good boy list!! God is silent because we are silent with Him!! 

If we want to grow, to build, we must work at it every day! God has a whole universe of things He wants to show us, but first, we need to show Him we want to know Him. He is silent because we have stopped seeing Him. And we have stopped seeing Him because we are not making any effort to come to Him. It needs to stop now!!!! 

Don’t claim to be a Christian any longer if you are not willing to get in His Word DAILY and then go into the world and show the world Him by being different than the world. 

They will know we are Christians by our love. 


4 thoughts on “Once A Week? 

      1. Well, first im going to chuckle at that; cause i hear your voice saying it. But, no, he will never say he cant hear you. He knows us better than we know us (yippee!)..(right?)

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