Planting Seeds. 

A seed of an idea is small. When we plant a seed of an idea it is up to us to decide what happens. Will we allow that seed to grow into a full grown plan carried out to life for all to enjoy? Or will we plant the seed and not nurture it into growth? 

The other thing we need to remember, when we plant a seed the seed absolutely must die to grow into anything. What is happening with your seeds today? Your words are seeds. Your actions are seeds. Do you want them to grow into a full blooming tree for the world to enjoy? You must water and nurture these thoughts, words and deeds then. That takes work. Nothing grows without work and love. 


One thought on “Planting Seeds. 

  1. Not exactly related, I left a whole bunch of groups; mostly other MLM groups….those damn leggings, nail wraps, stuff i’m not interested in. What is supposed to be a ‘cardinal rule’, is never add anyone to a group without their permission. At first I didn’t think much of it, not hurting anything..just unfollow the groups, turn off notifications. Then I read another blog floatin around…yes, exactly. If I want, or am need, I’ll contact you! Oddly enough, I feel ‘lighter’ after leaving about 20!

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