What Is Underneath?

Today’s Daily Post Word is Tree, or Trees. I didn’t actually look, I just surmised this from everyone else’s posts. While writing my first post about trees I was lost on how many different ways I could speak on trees. Then it came to me–

‘A Tree is only as strong as its root system. When a storm comes, will that Tree have the strength to withstand the wind and the rain? It’s leaves and bark may be damaged. The limbs may break and fall. But if it’s root system is strong and buried deep in the ground, it can withstand any storm that comes its way.’ 

What matters most about a tree is not its outward and upward appearance. What matters most is the roots!! 

How are your roots today? Are you firmly planted in your world? Or will a storm blow you over? What are you using today to strengthen your roots? Is it material things? Or is it family and relationships? Think on these things and make the changes where you need, my friends. Your firm foundation depends on it. 


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