Stay Thirsty, My Friends. 

It brings health, or it brings death. 

It can give life, or it can take it away. 

It can be a solid, or a liquid. 

Bruce Lee once said we should become like it. 

I, of course, am speaking of Water. 

It is our life force. We have tried to find substitutions, but not one has been found. 

Water is the key to our existence. Some people are saying the honey bee is the key to our existence and they are afraid that within a few years if it’s extinction we too shall be gone. 

But I ask you, what does the honey bee feed on? It feeds on flowers and pollen, right? That is how it makes its honey. What does every living plant need? Water. 


The great flood of Noah? That was the first time it ever rained on planet Earth. A lot of water. Water even burst forth from the ground during that event!! 
Give water enough time it can change the form of rock. No substance on Earth 🌏 without enough time can withstand the power of water. 

And yet, it is gentle enough to bathe a baby’s newborn skin. It is warm enough to heat our bodies when cold. It has many different properties and I believe that is why Jesus offers us the water of life. Water IS life. 

What we need to be is thirsty for His Living Water all the time. We need to be in God’s Word and in communication with Him daily, or the water will not sustain us. 


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