We are relational beings. It is a large part of why we were created. However, where we make the mistake is we don’t all first relate to our creator. This leaves room for interpretations, or what we perceive to be interpretations on the one, true, living God. 

Enter arguments. 

Arguments only happen when two people disagree on a statement, whether it is true or not. Arguments only happen when two people who disagree on a statement will only listen to and believe their point of view. 

Imagine if we all could have spherical vision. We see the entire universe as a round ball, no part hidden from our view. Everything is seen and known. We don’t live in this universe, so it is impossible to happen. 

But, there is one who does see all. He is God. Now, before the female movement jumps on me about my choice of pronoun, God is all of us, He is man and woman, and He is neither man nor woman. God just is. Period. And this being we call God sees and knows all. 

An atheist would choose to enter the argument here that God just simply doesn’t exist. See! We all have different points of view! 

Maybe a world without arguments is not possible? What do you think? Do you wish to argue any points of life? Or can we all just learn to love and live in peace and harmony with one another? 


7 thoughts on “Arguments. 

  1. I believe that while God can be found in all of us, He is, in fact, a man (Jesus was a man, maybe that’s why I feel this way).
    I appreciate your point that we’re all rational beings. I remember learning about The Great Chain of Being in college and it made so much sense to me. According to the Great Chain of Being, our rational faculty is the only thing that separates us from other animals.
    Another well done piece that I enjoyed reading.

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