He Said, She Said.

There are millions of people on either side of the fence here in The United States. It is not Donald Trump’s wall yet, but there are walls dividing us that are of the spiritual realm. 

Some say Donald Trump would be the best thing for America. Others say he would be the worst thing for America. And the same can be said for Hillary Clinton. This is the one spot we can agree on with either candidate, they have their supporters and they have those that loath and despise them and think if the opposite of their view wins it will be a loss for and of America. 

But, let me pose another way of thinking. What if, just what if, God still sits on the throne? What if God still reigns and has our best interests at heart? If you are a true believer and follower of Jesus Christ there is no argument, you know this to be true. So, why don’t we live it out? 

I know very few people, even well known believers, who have chosen to jump on the campaign bandwagon and not only support their candidate, but blatantly condemn the other!! This is NOT a Christian world view!!!! It simply is NOT!! 

What if no matter who wins the election God still whispers to their spirit and lo and behold, they listen!! God can change a heart and a spirit in a breath of wind!! When did we stop believing that? 

Why are we a world that now argues all the time about, ‘It has to be this way!! No!! It has to be THAT way!!! No way!!! It has to be MY WAY!!!’  Knock it off and Believe in the sovereignty of God!! Quit the arguments and get busy just loving on people!! That will make this world a better place no matter who is the President of The United States!! What if all it took to take down all evil and corruption and arguments in the world truly IS Love??!! 

You wanna know what love is? ‘Father, forgive them. For they know not what they do.’ THAT IS LOVE!! Poured out for all of us, not just for you and for me, but for the millions we don’t even know!! Arguments shall cease when we stand together as one and proclaim God is King and sits on the throne over all the world. 


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