Divine Inspiration.

If you have already read my previous post you know I wrote about the film Stranger Than Fiction starring Will Ferrel and Maggie Gyllenhaal. 

As I was watching this film again in the early morning hours, I got to thinking, should I create an entirely new blog page dedicated to this film? The question isn’t ‘Could I do this?’, but ‘Should I do this?’. 

I see, literally, an entire blog page of ideas of topic after topic of this film. Where our minds are during the day. Things that happen that we don’t know are coming. Things we become aware of, not only can we change their course, but should we change their course. The importance of relationships and not being so overrun with work. Friendships. Our roles in life, again. The importance of the sweet things in life. Hobbies. Passion in people and hobbies and occupations! The list could go on!! 

I don’t know if I ever will dove into another blog, or if I will simply devour these notions here. But, at the very least I have now thrown the idea out to the blogosphere and the Universe. And what happens, will be all my doing. Stay tuned!! 


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