Getting To Know You. 

It is almost 2:30 a.m. I am positive I will be hearing some sort of negative comment or parental-type ‘What the hell were you doing awake at 2:30?!’ Type response from my editor, but hey, when inspiration hits, you gotta capture it!! 

So? Why am I writing now? Because I want to know you, my readers. What inspires you? Where do you get your inspiration? Does it come at all times and in all ways like it does for me? Do you have a specific ritual that helps bring you inspiration? I have said for years I am writing this blog for all people, so, I want to get to know all people! I want thousands of responses to this post. You need not be a writer or a blogger. All you need is to have ever had an idea!! Where did it come from? How did it turn out? Let’s do one better than a meet and greet and actually get to know something new about one another! Tell me in the comments. I will also leave this open to questions for me, except ‘Why the hell were you awake at 2:30 in the morning when you are fully aware you have to get to church?!’ That question is off the table from my editor and anyone else who wishes to be funny and ask it. All other doors are open! Care to have a closer walk with me, even though I can’t walk?


4 thoughts on “Getting To Know You. 

  1. Well it depends on variety of stuff. If I force myself to write on my blog it’s horrible. But when I work on an idea then it cones out a bit better. Some times it is an event or something that I don’t mind doing to get juice going to write.

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