These Are The Facts. 

Image from a google search for Trump Vs Clinton which lead to this image from 

I know my blog has been seen and followed by many countries. I live in The United States and tonight a portion of our population witnessed another debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 

Now, the sad fact is they both have haters on both sides. They are both human beings. They both have fallen short of the perfect lives God has meant for all of us to live. But there is a couple facts that everyone, no matter what side they are on, keep forgetting. Jesus said, ‘Let He among you who is without sin cast the first stone.’ There is a lot of talk of sticks and stones and people casting insults and yes, some of them are coming from the candidates themselves. This has turned into a first century gladiator match!! 

But, the second thing I want everyone to please take note of is this, Jesus Christ died for both of them too!! He didn’t exclude ANYONE from His death on the cross for our salvation. Now, I have no idea of the inside of the candidates souls. But the fact remains, Jesus Christ said don’t throw stones AND He died for ALL. Period. No exclusions. 

Has either candidate accepted this? I honestly don’t know. Although, as Christians we are meant to act different because WE ARE DIFFERENT. Philippians 1 says, ‘I am certain that He who has begun a great work in you will accomplish that until the day of our Lord.’ As Christians believing in The Bible we must also believe this verse!!! We must stand and be different from those who wish to cast stones. 

These are the facts, and they are undisputed. 


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