Original Opportunities

You are an original. No one ever created has had the viewpoint you have. No one ever created has had the same experiences. And no one ever will. Now the question remains, What will you do with those original experiences? I live my life by one phrase that The Holy Spirit sent to me a few years ago and it is what this blog is based on. I make positive actions come true. 

Even negative actions can be turned into a positive. In 2009, I was fired from what I thought was my dream job, the place my career was meant to be. I was notified with a few days notice that there was a group interview being held at my alma mater. The interview was for a position in the admissions department. I had a unique viewpoint for this position because I had been there! I had actually gone through the exact process they wanted me to sell!! Needless to say, I went into this interview with three other people, and it should have just been me and the Director Of Admissions. I didn’t let anyone else in the room speak! 

Now, some may say that was rude. No, it was going after what I wanted and not letting anyone or anything get in the way. Period. But, as with all times in life, there are times to move on. January 21, 2009, six days after the miracle on the Hudson occurred, I was unceremoniously fired. 

My career in the Twin Cities never recovered. No one else has ever experienced that same thing. And that loss has led me to some of my greatest opportunities. 

My point is, your story, your life, is one-hundred percent original. But you can use your story to make IMPACT. I make positive actions come true. Every day is another opportunity for you to do this, not only for yourself, but for others as well. Are you taking full advantage of all of your original opportunities? 


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