Broken Promises.

The landscape of our world is now made up of nothing more than broken promises. ‘During my campaign I promise to work for the people.’ ‘I promise to do this, or that.’ We even break small promises, ‘I promise to get the dishes done, or the laundry put away while you are at work.’ I am guilty! 

Is there such a thing as a promise made by a human being any longer that is kept? We even break the promise of ‘Til death do us part.’ These days. Now, it has become, ‘Til you piss me off and I don’t want to argue, or discuss our problems anymore.’ Marriages are lost because of broken promises. We see marriage these days as a contract and not a commitment. Contracts can be broken. Contracts can be seen from different points of view. Marriage should not be. Marriage should be two people looking at life the same point of view and saying, ‘Do you see that over there? Look this way!’ 

Promises can be kept when we communicate. 

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