Only One!

We seem to have forgotten, here in America at least, that God’s promises are Eternal. We were a nation started by people who would not give their devotion to a ruler or king, but only to The One Eternal King, Jesus Christ. 

God has promised since the beginning of time to help His People and heal their land if they only seek Him and ask. Who do we in America seek now? We seek a human leader who won’t derail us. Everyone in this country is talking about Hillary or Trump, ‘oh dear Lord!!’ They say. ‘What will we do if the opposing candidate we don’t want gets in?!’ And it’s coming from both sides! Stop it! 

God’s promises are still true!! Jesus Christ is still the absolute, only way to salvation and seeing Heaven. God promises to take care of His people. Right now, as you read this, hopefully a thousand times a thousand people’s hearts are being changed to live for Jesus and be His True Example on this Earth for the world. 

I promise you, when Jesus Christ said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life no one gets to the father but by me.’ I don’t believe He was only speaking of Heaven. I believe He was speaking a promise to all mankind that we need to be Jesus to everyone we meet and their life will become like Heaven!! 

So, let’s break it down. What is the character of Jesus? Kind. Loving. Slow to anger. Forgiving. Endures all things. Keeps His promises. Gave His own life for others. Why aren’t we doing that today? Could that be the reason we now live in a world that doesn’t know, and won’t see His promises? 

We have put our faith in man. Oops! Big mistake! Man’s promises can, and usually are, broken. God has not broken a promise in the thousands of years this planet has been here! Not one. 

Stand firm on the promises of God today and you are standing on solid ground. 


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