When Will We Trust?

Here in America we have had the words In God We Trust boldly proclaimed on all of our currency since, I believe it was, the mid 1950’s. I just researched it and google.com says it has been on our coins since 1864 and paper money since 1957. 

And yet, we have moved so far away from putting our literal money where our literal mouths are!! We now have a society that not only doesn’t Trust in God, we scarcely Believe in Him either!! 

In the church my wife and I attend, Rock Haven in Granite Falls, Minnesota (you can google it), we are going over our core values and today we talked about putting our faith and trust in God and how the world doesn’t want to see that anymore. We now live in a world that wants to shut Him out of every fiber of our lives, but He is such a needed part of our lives that we cannot allow that to happen. 

It is only when we believe we can trust Him fully that His true grace and love can be known. I am growing in my faith and trust of Him every day. As you read this do you feel a pull in your soul toward something you do not yet know? That is the pull of The Holy Spirit. He calls out to each and every one of us. It is why we were created. I want you to know today no matter your experiences, no matter You circumstances, you can trust in The Lord God Almighty and His sovereignty over all things in the Universe today. 


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