The Urgency Of Others. 

Does the urgency of others rests solely in the urgency of ourselves? If I am not urgent on the care and survival of others, how can I ask them to be urgent for my survival? Can even just one who is urgent for others step out in faith enough today to make a difference for even just one?

So many questions to create an urgency within you!! Have I completed that task yet or are you still wondering what you can do? Am I wrong, or do I have that backwards? Perhaps. Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘what are you doing for others?” We are quickly becoming a world of, ‘what’s in it for me?’ and that, my friends, is not what we are here for. 

How urgent are we, truly, that we are here for others to survive and have what they need, even before we have our own needs. We have a world of millionaires and billionaires, but we have thousands of people on welfare, or worse, homeless and nothing to eat. To me, that means our urgency has not kicked in. There is a disconnect in this world that needs to be fixed. 

We are urgent for our own needs, but others? No way! They can take care of themselves. It is maddening to me. So, in this post I am ramping up my urgency! People are dying every single day because we take more than we need. People in this world are dying every single day because we don’t utilize our resources to their greatest ability. This world was created by God with enough for everyone, so why is there anyone who doesn’t have enough? Greed. Taking too much and not spreading it out as far as we can. 

I urge you today, with the greatest urgency, you may not be able to give the world to the world, but that is not what it needs. Do you know one single person who is going without something today? Do you have any one thing you can give today? It may even be time, or a listening ear. 

Someone’s life today ABSOLUTELY DEPENDS on what you have to give right now. Is this urgent enough for you to step out in faith and give that which is needed? 


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