Waiting To Become Known. 

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi, Jesus Christ, Christa McCullough, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Susan B. Anthony, Hellen Keller,  John F Kennedy, Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Twelve Disciples, Rosa Parks, Joan Of Arc, what do all these people have in common? At one time in history, they were all unknown by anyone outside of their family and personal friends. 

We all have a gift within us. We all have a calling and a purpose. Are you waiting to find it today, or are you becoming aware of It day by day? Are you working toward it, or are you waiting for it to come to you in a miracle? You see, right now, you may feel like an unknown, a nobody. You may be asking yourself, ‘What do I have to offer? How can I change the world? I’m not special.’ But, you are!! 

And so many of us are waiting for our big break. Guilty as charged, your honor! I’ve done it too! But I am through sitting on the sidelines waiting for something to come to me! I am going to go get it! I have a passion, a drive, a huge desire for mobile D.J. work. And a few months ago that opportunity was presented to me! Now, my wife and a couple friends are having the time of our lives! None of us know how far we can grow this thing. Maybe a miracle will come while we are working and it will go nationwide. Maybe it won’t, but we will still be working. We are not sitting idly by and letting things go, no! We are capitalizing opportunities. We are not waiting. 

And all those names I mentioned in history, they didn’t wait either. They went out and they worked, and they toiled, and they failed! But they got back up and tried again and now each one of them, and so many more I didn’t mention, are spoken with reverence through history!! 

Those who wait lose opportunities. Those who go get it make opportunities. Which are you today? 


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