Lost Again. 

Today’s Daily Post Word is ANCIENT. When we, or I, think of ancient, I can’t help but wonder, ‘What have we lost in that time?’ Ancient things never remain the same. Even as time moves ever forward our notions of ancient times change. 

This change can be from new knowledge that has come to light, or it can be because what we once thought of ancient times was completely wrong. The problem with things of ancient we will never truly know. We were not there. So we must pass these things on, or they will be lost forever. 

I live in West-Central Minnesota. I grew up thirty miles South of where I live now. Not entirely different between those two areas. It’s a lot of farming communities around here. And one ancient thing we tend to be losing is the ancient way of farming. 

I love watching threshing shows!! Love them!!! My grandfather used to farm that way, and my dad has stories of growing up with it at the end of what we now call ancient. My dad was born in 1947. When I look at the way farming was done even then, it amazes me!! Such a struggle! 

We tend to try to make things easier as we move on from ancient times, okay, 1947 is by no means ancient times, but we have come a long way! Tractors with cabs. Tractors with heaters. Tractors that drive themselves!! And now I have seen evidence of tractors that don’t even need a farmer in them!! 

I grew up with so many memories of farming I truly don’t want to see a tractor in a field, or on the road, by itself with no farmer to be seen! Yes, we move on from ancient times, but is that always a good thing? 

If we don’t teach our future generations of how things used to be we will have a warped sense of our past. What future will that lead to? We cannot allow our past to be lost!! We must talk about it. We must write about it!! In great detail so those who come will know how things once were. Just because something is ancient shouldn’t mean it needs to be lost.


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