Quik Rise In Popularity!!

It is now 11:30p.m. and I cannot get THIS

out of my head!!! I shared this image on my Facebook page and so far, 185 people have liked it!!! And here is the best part, 108 of those people ARE NOT EVEN ON MY FRIENDS LIST!!!! Do you now understand the scope, the depth, the difference one Post can make???!! I have impacted 108 people I don’t even know with one click of a share on Facebook!! 

I have brought about childhood memories of taking the lid off with a spoon and (if mom and dad were not home) FLINGING THAT LID AS FAR AS WE COULD ACROSS THE KITCHEN!!!!! Flying like Superman, except he would not be tossing and turning through the air. 

The other memory I brought up was taking four heaping teaspoons into each and every 8 ounce glass of milk!!! It was more chocolate than anything!!! Dear Lord, how did we survive??!! 

And then came along THIS ONE: 

The strawberry powdery awesomeness that we stirred into our ice cold glass of milk and watched it turn a beautiful pink color– AAAAAHHHHHHHHH, refreshing!!! 

I have been reflecting a lot lately on memories of my past. I have watched my wife feel sad as she watches her daddy, she truly is daddy’s little girl (even in her 30’s), I have watched her as she begins to mourn the loss of him even though he is still alive. Alzheimer’s is no joke, people!! It takes away our loved ones one moment at a time. It can briefly bring them back, but we have no idea how long that will last!! And sometimes, it can be a truly tearful, wonderful event, like this one– 

So, I guess in this post I have multiple points I want you to truly ponder. 

 times pass. 

we need to hold on to those memories as often as we can. 

We need to share those memories and past times with those we love.

Facebook reaches more people than we will EVER know!! 

Your thoughts and actions make a difference. 

Don’t ever think you don’t matter or let anyone ever make you feel like less of a person. 

Everyone is going through something you know absolutely nothing about!! I am almost 100% positive that by writing this very post I have opened some old wounds for someone reading this right now! For that, I am sorry. But, as I said, Facebook and the internet as a whole, reaches a whole lot more people than we can ever fathom or realize. 

You matter. 

Your thoughts, ideas and actions matter and will ALWAYS have consequences. Think on that. 

And finally, 🌏 The World may not love you, but Jesus thinks you are to die for. And my relationship to Him has caused me to know beyond ANY DOUBT that no matter who you are, you are awesome and you have a purpose!! God bless, I love you all!! Now go find a Nestle Quick tin and fling that lid like its 1982!!!! 


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