Plenty Of Time. 

I have had plenty of time alone today to think about The Daily Post Word Volunteer. To volunteer means, pick me, choose me. It means being willing to do the job. But it means so much more. 

Volunteering means being self-aware. When you volunteer for something it means you know you can rise to meet the challenge. I would never volunteer for something that requires standing on a ladder. Volunteer for the local football league? Nope. That’s out for me. But when you need a D.J., I’ll be there. You need a sound man, yup, I’ll step up. You need a voice, I can be as smooth as Barry White, baby! I am aware of my talents. 

When we volunteer we are working with others to make a difference. As we come into the holiday season I want everyone to think of at least one way you can volunteer. There are many people all around you, no matter where you are, who need things for this holiday season. Make them a meal, be a friend and go for a visit, serve meals at a church or homeless shelter, all of these and so many more are ways you can volunteer. 

We need to get away from our selfish views that have some how crept into our world and realize that we all need something. And we all have things to offer. Volunteer to share them today and make a difference in your world. 


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