The Good Part Of Netflix. 

I have come to realize while stuck in this hotel room in Topeka, Kansas that I do not miss television and I love my Netflix!!! 

I have been a couch potatoe today while my friends are at the fair and this food poisoning debacle runs its course. I am truly feeling better, but I wonder, how did we ever tolerate television??!! With Netflix your shows are there, dependable, any time you want to watch them. With television, I have watched a movie about the woman who invented the mop you can wring out on the handle, I’ve watched Filthy Rich, a show that talks about people who make their money hunting worms, eels, mushrooms and burls. I have at my disposal something around 30 channels in this hotel room, and no way to watch two shows at two different times if I want to watch one of them later!! With Netflix, I can!! 

I predict the downfall of regular television within 10 years. All shows are pretty much on Hulu and/or Netflix. For a $100/year investment you can also get Amazon Prime which has a ton of movies and television shows!! You’ll never have to choose to miss your favorite program ever again because another one of your favorite programs is on! 

Now, I wonder how long will it be before these awesome inventions of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime will be available in hotels and motels and time shares. Make it happen, world! 

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