13 Hours. 

13 hours ago I woke up in Topeka, Kansas. As I write this, I am in Montevideo, Minnesota. I love traveling!! Especially when it is to such a vibrant place as Topeka, Kansas. The people we met this weekend were seriously so nice! I feel like the people of Topeka would give you a place to stay, or food, or gas money if you needed it. 

This town is full of great architecture and artwork! Check these out: 

Who doesn’t want a snowflake sculpture on the sidewalk? This is just one of the many things we saw on Kansas Avenue in front of the capital building. Speaking of the capital building– 

The people of Topeka, Kansas we have a theory are very concerned with time. There is literally clocks everywhere you turn!! I used to be one of those who truly believed in always watching the time and everything has its time etc. But God has changed my heart. I just keep rolling forward in grace and tip my hat to everyone I come across as a friendly gesture, somewhat like this gentleman–

Like I said, this town believes in its architecture and it believes in its friendliness. As we were walking down the street we had some people wave, one car honked while we were playing on pool noodles!! 

The above photo turned out a little blurry, but you can see it is what looks to be green pool noodles and the material underneath is actually a soft foam cushion. These are meant to be played on. And there are benches everywhere and a giant chess board!! 

This town has such a message of playfulness and togetherness we all instantly fell in love with it! I am not kidding when I say, GET TO TOPEKA, KANSAS SOMETIME IN YOUR LIFE AND SPEND AT LEAST A WEEK OR TWO IN THIS VIBRANT, FRIENDLY CITY!!! 


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