Life Is Tiny. 

Life is huge!! Life is truly a big deal! Breathing, making an impact on others, relating, socializing. I have heard all creatures have these traits, although, I can only say I know it is true of human beings. 

And we all started as molecules. Tiny molecules that grow together and become a mass of human decisions. We are small as babies. Tiny little humans that grow and learn. We don’t all grow into awesome beings. One tiny decision can change our course. 

Dictators and those who wish to Lord over human beings are not born, they become that over a series of seemingly small decisions. Life is small, my friends. But as it grows it can turn into something awesome and world-changing, or it can become twisted and self-serving. 

It’s the small decisions you make today that become the big decisions of tomorrow. Choose wisely, my friends. 


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