What Will You Do?

You are an Original. There has never been, nor will there ever be another you with your hopes, your dreams, your skills, your abilities, or your experiences in this world– ever. Do you have any clue of the amount of pressure that puts on you?! 

You were created for a specific purpose. If you don’t do it, that’s it! Imagine if Henry Ford hadn’t began making cars and created a new method with the assembly line. Imagine if Abraham Lincoln hadn’t fought through The Civil War and freed all black Americans. Imagine if Lewis And Clark had just stayed home. Imagine if Jesus Christ wasn’t put on the cross and the tomb found empty that Sunday morning.

Even the bad has a purpose. Imagine what a different world we would live in if Hitler hadn’t begun World War 2. Imagine if we hadn’t had cancer and flu epidemics that have taken the lives of thousands, but led to cures!! Everything that happens has a purpose!! 

And they are all originals. When a copy is made we often say, ‘I have heard this before.’ And we go on about our day. But even when we don’t like something new it will sometimes grow on us and become a blessing!! 

You are an original placed in a world full of other originals. Imagine if all the originals would work together and we could create something new and inspiring that would change the entire world for the better. Wouldn’t that be an original thought and idea?! Get to it!! Yes, you could have the original world-changing idea in you right now!! Why wait?? The world is waiting for you. Get to it!


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