When something is banned, why do we feel the need even stronger to engage in the activity? No children under the age of 17 shall be admitted to this film. And yet, children sneak into movie theaters all over the country. 

Some theaters don’t even bother with carding anymore. We have become so cavalier about holding people to a higher standard that we just make another ban!! ‘Nope! You can’t do that!’ We say. And when someone decides to buck the system and do it anyway, we throw our hands up as though we had no idea that would even happen! 

Bans are funny. Maybe we just need to hold people to a higher moral code? Would that work over bans? Maybe if it was all legal it would lose some of its enticement, right? Make everything okay, that’s the new game plan, okay? If it feels good to you, go right ahead, do it! ‘But it hurts this person over here.’ ‘Who cares about them?! We can’t ban it because then this group would be offended.’ Who wins in any ban?! 

So if banning is not the answer, and not banning is not the answer, what IS the answer? Anyone? Anyone? 


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