Movin’ On…

When we think of the word Rearrange we think of a room in a house. We think of schedules. My editor, God bless her, said rearrange priorities. 

Why is our world so out of whack? Because our priorities are so out of whack. We have entered a world of self. Self-induldgence, self-medicate, self-help, selfies, self-sufficient. THIS IS NOT WHO WE WERE CREATED TO BE!!!! Somewhere in the last sixty years, yes, it has only been THAT short amount of time, we rearranged our priorities from our fellow human beings to our own selfish ways!! Why?? Because priorities were rearranged. 

Survival of the fittest never really existed!  Well, at least not among human beings. For centuries, generations, we used to work together and help one another. Okay, there has always been people warring with each other. Who am I kidding? Greed and jealousy have always existed. 

But today, now, is the time to rearrange our priorities. We can work together to help everyone!! A little kindness can go a long way and change a heart. Remember the lesson on the cross? Only one of the criminals whose just punishment was death resulted in him not being in Heaven with Jesus. Why? Because right there on the cross, looking his own death in the face he repented and changed his heart to be one with Jesus. He rearranged his priorities when he saw The Truth. 

Will we now see the truth and rearrange our own priorities to meet the needs of others as well as our own? We can all work together, but it’s going to take a massive rearranging of priorities. Will you now, after reading this, rearrange your life to meet the needs of others around you? They could be the beginning of a world changing experience. Let’s move on and move up and rearrange a world that fits everyone. 


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