No Bridges. 

People often say, ‘Build a bridge and get over it.’ We always look for the easy way over things. ‘When will the pain stop?’ We ask in desperation. We don’t take into account the growing that these emotions are causing within us. 

It has also been said, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ An athlete doesn’t grow stronger by taking things the easy way. He cannot build a bridge and take the easy route through his training! That will not create a strong athlete!! 

It is the same for us all. Life is a journey. Growth happens in the valleys. Wild life happens in the valleys! If we simply build a bridge in our life from high point to high point we are missing out on 90% of our lives. Don’t cheat yourself like that. Stand through the hard times and let them mold you into a stronger person. No bridges in this life! Burn them all and experience the hard times. 


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