Breaking it down. 

Life begins at the molecular level. Problems begin at the minute, tiniest of levels. Success, people, companies– all start at the smallest of levels. Through hard work and many steps they grow. 

Steps cannot be skipped. We have become a species that loves to skip the growing pains to become giants in whatever we do. Sorry, folks. It just doesn’t ever work that way. It takes a grind. It takes pain. It takes growing pains. But, if pursued the smallest of things can become the giant miracles we want to see in the world. 

You have heard the story of the man tossing starfish back into the sea. Someone came along and said, ‘There are thousands of starfish on this beach, and many other beaches!! How can you ever expect to make a difference?!’ The man picked up a starfish and tossed it back into the ocean. He said, ‘To that one, I just made a difference.’ 

Start small and you can become a giant in how you want to make a difference, but start today. 

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