The Bridge. 

Earlier today I said we don’t need a bridge in our life because that journey easy. I was wrong, my friends. Literally, just this moment, I am getting ready to go to sleep before church tomorrow morning and The Holy Spirit whispers to me, ‘All human beings need a bridge!! There is no such thing as a path to Jesus Christ, who is the ONLY path to Heaven, without a bridge! Period. My child, before you rest set this record straight. The Cross IS the bridge of the gap from humanity to God. Your sin separates you, but My Son Bridges us together! He is the way, no one else.’ 

My friends, carrying our cross daily is the bridge. And it’s not easy alone! But, with Jesus helping to carry the load it becomes light. He already carried the heaviest cross ANYONE ever could. And He now lives and reigns in the most high place of Heaven. Build a bridge and carry your cross with Jesus Christ where ever you are right now. He is waiting for you to call to Him. 

Dear Jesus, 

I know you are the only bridge for me to get to Heaven. I am not worthy, Lord, but you have made a way with your death and resurrection from the cross and the grace. Help me carry this load of life, Lord. Help me to go through all the trials of life with Your Joy in my heart. These tribulations last but a lifetime. Help me, Lord to see them through and carry my cross across the bridge of Your Cross to you. In Your Holy Name, I pray. Amen. 


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