Did You Know??

The Sistine Chapel, painted by Italian artist, Michelangelo, was opened to the public for the first time on today’s date in 1512. 

I am so amazed by history. I never used to be. But now, I scour anywhere I can find. The hard part is, what is true and what is made up? For example, just tonight I learned Billy The Kid was not shot by Pat Garrett in 1881. Some believe he lived to a time when even my parents were alive!! I don’t really know. 

Also this past week I have seen videos that try to prove a multitude of conspiracy theories on who killed J.F.K. God knows, will we ever truly know? Conspiracy theories and those that wish to believe history is different, or they can actually prove it is different do exist. So, my question tonight is ‘What is truth?’ Jesus said, ‘I am the way the truth and the life. No one gets to The Father but by me.’ And there are billions of people from that time until now who believe that to be true. I am one! 

But, what is hard evidence, full-on proof of anything in history? Does it exist, or is every single thing just to be taken on faith? And if it is all to be taken on faith, how can there be anyone who has no faith in anything?! Trust me, I have met people who say they don’t have faith in anything. They exist. 

And then there is trust. Trust me, just because I said it. Does that always make it so? 

So filled with questions tonight. Do you have questions you need answered, or do you just go along with what ever history throws at you? 


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