Dangerous Minds. 

I love The Peanuts Gang!! I truly do!! But, I sincerely want to note today that even the world’s most seemingly happy people can have sincerely dark minds!!! Check out this quote from Peanuts creator, Charles Schulz: 

If I believe you should feel pain, or God forbid, death, it doesn’t matter as long as I am sincere about it??!!! That’s the methodology of thinking that will destroy our country on Tuesday!!! Neither side is whole-heartedly sincere about what is truly best for anyone!! But, there are millions of people on both sides of the fence, throwing objections and stating their opinion in the most sincere way!! Does it help, or does it divide?? 

Sincerely!! What we have going now is a promised, one-way ticket to bad times!! Wednesday is going to be an interesting day to see which half of the United States will be sincerely happy, and which half will be sincerely pissed off! Because, rest assured, that is a sincere promise of Wednesday morning no matter what happens! 

When will we all sincerely get along? Is that possible? Is it possible to put down our own agendas and say, ‘You are a human being! And I love you! No matter what, we need to find a way to work together!’ Is that type of rhetoric available to us on Wednesday? And if it is available Wednesday, why not use it today?! Why wait on loving sincerely? 


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