If You Could See What I See!! 

Image from a google.com search for night sky over Minnesota which lead to this photo from The Star Tribune. 

As I type these words I am sitting outside. The temperature is a cool 43 degrees. It’s not frigid cold, but comfortably cool. 

I look up at the clear night sky and I can see The Milky Way Galaxy of stars where we call our human home. A plane with its flashing light and beckon of red hope floats across the sky and its engine sound trails miles behind it. 

A gentle white light streams across the expanse at a steady pace. Someone is watching over me. I know it’s not a governmental ordinance which sees me now, but something much larger. Someone with hopes and dreams for my life. 

But as that plane has a course it must travel, so does my life. And the keeper of all these glorious twinkles in the sky knows my course and my aim as well. 

If you could see life and the universe the way I do there would be no disagreements. There would be no vying for power, because we would all know we hold our own power because we would all seek Him who holds this all in His Hands. 

Oh, what a world this would be if we would not look through my eyes, but his. As I sit outside the coolness of the air is now reaching my bones. The same is true for man. When we stopped looking to something greater than us, our hearts turned cold. 

Oh if only we could all see through my eyes. We would learn the way of His eyes and His hands and His feet. Our world wouldn’t be so cold and only lit by twinkling of the stars. 


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