The Power Of The Keys!! 

If you are reading this right now you have access to internet. This is my corner of the world, and with it I change the world! 

I can sum up this theory in two words, Food Bloggers. These eaters of eloquent foods and designers of tasty words travel the world and discuss food at restaraunts they discover! I have written about a few dinning experiences over the past year, but I am not a food blogger. 

I would love to think that the few posts I have written about our local Subway, which held their annual buy one get one sale today are making a huge impact for their sales, but I am but one blogger with under 500 followers. In the grand scheme of things, I am a small fish. 

But, that doesn’t mean that every single word I write (which is well over one-million by now) hasn’t captivated at least one or two people in the world. This blog makes a difference. 

I felt compelled to write this for someone tonight. You matter. You are a positive difference in the world. You may feel like a mouse in the corner, eating the scraps the bigger, seemingly more powerful people drop. But, you are not a mouse! You have power! If you are reading this you have internet access and that is power!! 

Do you realize all the things you can do with the internet? You can reach anyone else on the planet with an internet connection. You can solve problems. You can find answers. And yes, you can even cause harm and even death simply by being on the internet! This is single-handedly the most powerful tool man has ever created to date. 

You can communicate. You can build an empire. You can ruin or build relationships. There is absolutely nothing you can’t do on the internet. And it is at your fingertips right now as you read this!! That is an overwhelming amount of power, so use it wisely. The power to do whatever you want is, right now, at your fingertips. 

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