To The Point!! 

If we are truly growing in The Holy Spirit this world and all it encompasses will, beyond the shadow of any doubt, become less irksome. 

Do you find yourself becoming agitated at the smallest things? Grow in the things of the Holy Spirit. Patience, kindness, faithfulness, joy, gentleness and self-control. For example, this morning I was already running late. I hadn’t seen a voicemail from my wife asking me to bring her needed items to work. So, when I showed up with them, she asked, ‘Did you get my voicemail?’ Nope! I was in tune with The Holy Spirit and at peace with everything this morning. I knew she’d want them. I knew I was late already. So, I put her needs above mine. No worries. 

And then God created even more delays. The one morning I am truly late, I get stuck behind a car going 15 miles per hour. I turned on The Trolls Soundtrack and waited patiently. 

Life is way too short and too many important things to be done to ever be irksome. Irksome is a tool of The Devil!! Don’t fall prey to it. Pray above it and through it!! 

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