The Pause. 

I just have to pause today. My knee-jerk reaction is to react to all the lashing out. I honestly would not be surprised at a new Civil War here in America. Everyone has opinions and we have all become a world of, ‘My opinion is right! My opinion is the only one that matters! And I will verbalize that opinion and if you do not listen and take everything I say into account and agree, I will lash out in violence!’ We have seen it time and again in recent years.

So, today, and every day forward, I am exercising The Pause. When we pause we have an opportunity. We have an opportunity to see the whole picture, which includes where the opposition is coming from. Ask them about their reality. Ask them why they hold these convictions. Jesus was a listener, we also should be. 

Although, Jesus is omniscient and we are not. Jesus knew people’s issues, which is why He let them talk it out and He listened. At least, that is my opinion. I am sure there are millions of you who disagree with that way of thinking too, but take a second look. Jesus was slow to anger, unless you went after His Father’s House. Jesus was kind. Jesus was patient. Jesus was forgiving. 

We need to take a second look at who we are being today and every day. If our actions don’t match His, we are wrong. Period. I hope you all have a blessed day and whenever you need, take a second look at this post, and the actions you put forth into the world. 

Are they inviting and loving? Or are they forceful and condemning? Actions either draw in or push away. Which is happening in your life? Take the time to take a second look at your world today before you act. 


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