What Will We Grow. 

Our planet is an organism. It is vegetal. We can grow together, or we can grow apart. What we choose to do in this instance, in this moment will continue. We are planting seeds as we speak. Are we planting on fertile soil? 

Soil. One letter away from a soul. And all it takes is ‘U’. Do you think that was an accident??? Your soul is soil. It will grow what you plant into it. 

What are you planting to grow today? Is it in lush, fertile soil? Do you need to dig down and cut out some weeds first? Are you willing to use blood, sweat and tears to water your vegetal every single day? These are questions that need to be answered.

Also, think about what others are growing. Do they have weeds you need to pluck from the soil? How can you help those around you today grow the best crop in their soil-filled soul? Think on these things and pray today. 

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